Tango Hotel x Mister Cartoon Cabana Shirt
Tango Hotel x Mister Cartoon Cabana Shirt Back View

Mister Cartoon Cabana Shirt

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We are proud to come together with one of LA's most gifted artists - Mister Cartoon - releasing a limited capsule part of the Canvas to Reality Series.

Founder and Creative Director, Rich Hilfiger has 20+ tattoos from Mister Cartoon across his body. 

The allover print Mister Cartoon Cabana Shirt is the most important part of the collection featuring all the artwork drawn by Mister Cartoon. The Cabana shirt tells Mister Cartoons life story. "I've been in the lowest parts of the world...and the highest parts of the world." 

The shirt features - Mister Cartoons interpretation of his life with a Tango Motel graphic, a new Tango Hotel graphic, his vintage cars, and scrappy and preppy dogs. "There is a beauty in all parts of life." 

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  • Poplin
  • Mister Cartoon original art
  • Custom font label drawn by Mister Cartoon
  • Button closure
  • All-over print
  • S-XXL


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