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    2021 marks the first of its kind publishing event, featuring Batman stories by top creative teams from across the globe, taking place in their home countries. To celebrate the launch, we’ve teamed up with the legendary, DC Comics team, for a special capsule highlighting the different artworks by the Comic artist from several countries including the USA, Mexico, China, Japan, Turkey, and Russia.

    This is the first time; the comic includes 14 different country interpretations of Batman in Stories unique to their cultures. Batman: The World is DC’s way of showing fans everywhere that Batman is more than a character; Batman is a phenomenon that transcends languages and borders,” said Jim Lee.

    We’ll be celebrating the Comic release with a limited-edition collection of apparel highlighting key artwork from the Batman: The World edition.

    The collection will launch exclusively at 12pm EST, September 16, on Tango Hotel, during the release of the comic, and just in time for DC Fandome. Some items of the collection will be on pre-sales for delivery mid to end of October 2021.

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