Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief
Angel Hearts Boxer Brief

Angel Hearts Boxer Brief

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Limited Release of Angel Hearts x THC Collaboration Boxer Brief. 

The Boxer Brief features several pieces of artwork. 

  • Bandaged Heart: First seen in Brooklyn, New York on the side of a building, the Bandaged Heart symbolizes moving forward. The balloon is depicted as an object of such poetry. He states, “Its lightness, its fragility, it's a way of wandering on a breeze. This piece is obviously an iconic representation of the battle to surviving a broken heart. It's an uplifting visual poem to that most fragile of human emotions.”
  • Dove of Peace: This piece is on a building of Bethlehem, Israel, and is often grouped with the series of works placed on the Israeli West bank wall during Banksy’s 2005 visit. A dove is an iconic symbol of peace.
  • Angel: Banksy is known for his anti-violence nature so it’s no surprise he created this piece of artwork where war was once very prominent, the middle east. The Angel Hearts artwork is associated with peace and love. It could be said that he created this piece to commemorate the lives that were lost in past wars.

All photographs are owned/licensed by Full Colour Black Ltd and may not be reproduced in any way. This product is not associated with Banksy. All street photographs have been licensed from independent photographers throughout the world or have been recreated using design tools. Banksy does not endorse apparel or print photo canvases or paint commissions or sell freshly baked bagels. 

Tango Hotel continues to partner with emerging and legendary artists, giving them new mediums to express themselves. The art lifestyle label continues to make art attainable for the everyday fan. 

  • Artist Series
  • Canvas to Reality
  • 7inch Inseam


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