When Wearable Art Becomes a Reality | Skull Fence x Tango Hotel By Al-Baseer Holly

Al-Baseer Holly (ABH) Skull Fence – Tango Hotel Canvas to Reality  

The “Skull Fence” artwork painted by musician turned artist Al-Baser Holly (ABH) was created in 2018 as a representation of layers to a human, physically and emotionally.

Known for his colorful and vibrant art, ABH wanted to design a piece that resonated with the people. The “Skull Fence” was painted on a fence canvas focusing on textures and layers, much like the anatomy of a person. The skull which includes his famous “all eye seeing eye” translates to looking within the soul of a human being instead of their exterior, zooming in on what lies beneath the skin. The artwork does a great job at self-reflection and focusing on what really matters.

In collaboration with Tango Hotel, in unison with its Canvas to Reality Series - the Skull Fence capsule was released in limited quantities."The capsule needed to embody the piece of artwork. Every style needed to tell a part of the story, from the zippers, to the types of materials used. Even the amounts released" said Kevin Leong, Creative Director of Tango Hotel.

See More of the Collection Here.

 Tango Hotel Skull Fence Collection

Skull Fence Collection

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