Wearable Art turned Streetwear | Canvas to Reality Teal Skull

Founder and artist Al-Baseer Holly (ABH) paints the pop art Teal Skull for our Canvas to Reality Series.

The Teal Skull artwork shows similarities with his other works but differentiates with the colorway. ABH uses teal, pinks, yellows, and lighter colors to set a more upbeat mood. Although the colors seem to contrast with the skull illustration it all combines together for a greater meaning. His famous abstract brain in skull, an inspiration from his greatest idol Basquiat, expresses that we are all identical underneath the skin. This artwork reminds us to be kinder to one another because we never know what’s going on below the surface. ABH also includes the number 3 which is a significant number in his life. The 3 symbolize the third all seeing eye which represents good health, power and protection.


The Canvas to Reality series works with the artist who stands for the same ethos of Tango Hotel. Where the artist is free of expression, living their lives, loving what they do and doing what they love. Work is life and life is work.  Canvas to Reality provides artist another medium to express themselves. The hoodies, tees, and jackets feature and focus on the strokes and story the artist are telling.

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