Rich Hilfiger & Tango the Duck | Tango Hotel Collection

Tango the Duck Collection

Meet our new mascot, Tango the Duck. A symbol of prestige and maverick. A mirrored reflection of Tommy Hilfiger, founder Rich Hilfiger’s father.

Tango the Duck is inspired by Rich’s perception of his father. What Tommy represents in his life, a man of humility and honor. Tommy is a free spirited creative with no fear. Growing a successful business while still keeping his humbleness intact. Ducks are usually thought of as fun and down to earth; Tommy Hilfiger exemplifies just that. Overcoming doubt and rising to each occasion, the duck stands tall and happy on each shirt, pant and hat.

The Tango the Duck Collection includes polo shirts, oxford shirts, chino pants and much more.

The collection will be available just in time for back to school season. View the collection here.

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