Tango Hotel x Isaac Pelayo: About the Collection

The capsule consists of 9 styles broken out between jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and one sweater. With several styles to select from the collections provides a nice assortment from a long reversible trench coat, featuring the Monalayo artwork on one side, with a reversible solid body shell on the other, to a reversible faux fur jacket with printed shell on the inner side. The signature hoodie, is a heavy weight velour body with an embroidered applique. For fan favorites, there is also a fully printed set featuring the “Night Angels”. Customary to the naming tags next to Pelayo paintings, select styles will have the customary “Red Dot” on a woven patch with name of the collection sewn on the style.

About Tango Hotel:

STREETWEAR REDEFINED - Tango Hotel is an art lifestyle label providing artists another medium to express themselves and artistic talents. The label was founded by a group of artists - Al Baseer Holly “Artist of Sight'', Rich Hilfiger “Artist of Sound”, and Stevie Williams “Artist of Motion.” The bi-coastal label features men’s clothing and accessories telling the artist's story and style of expression. The label continues to collaborate with contemporary artists such as Isaac Pelayo, John “CrashOne” Matos, Jersey Joe “Rime”, Sean Sullivan “Layer Cake”, Monopoly and Batman.