The Modern Renaissance: Angels & Smiles Collection
New York, NY -- 2021 marks the most successful year for Modern Renaissance artist, Isaac Pelayo. As an L.A. artist pushing his boundaries, expanding and exploring the depths of his creativity, and learning more about the artistic craft, Pelayo has told a beautiful artistic story, one that transcends the mind into a deeper thought.
“Art is about moving and provoking. Art is about emotion and sharing,” said Pelayo. In continuing the Pelayo’ s story and expanding on his Renaissance style narrative, Tango Hotel has teamed up to release a limited collaboration of apparel and outerwear styles.
“Having the opportunity to see my work as fashion takes the story to new levels. The collector now becomes part of the chronicle. It’s no longer just a painting, the work has transformed into performance art.  A live exhibition stepping on along the sidewalk…a collaborative piece with myself and the bon vivant,” said Pelayo.
The Tango Hotel x Isaac Pelayo collaboration will release on November 4 on the NTWRK App, TangoHotel.com, and select boutiques nationwide.

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