Tango Hotel Teams with Street Artist Uncutt for New Collaboration

Tango Hotel, an art lifestyle label, has officially announced a new collaboration with street artist Uncutt. The new project combines Uncutt’s original street art with modern clothing to support love and mutual understanding.

Tango Hotel has announced a new collaboration with Uncutt – a street artist with a vision. The collaboration will result in an exclusive new capsule of clothing, featuring Uncutt’s street art and an unequivocal message – “love is the answer” as part of Tango Hotel’s Canvas to Reality line.

“I remember seeing Tango in 2015 and I fell in love with the clothing. At that moment, I felt a connection, not knowing that years later, I would be doing this collab with them,” explained Uncutt when asked about the partnership with Tango Hotel.

The new collaboration features 3 different sets, a sky-blue sweatshirt and pants, with an engineered placement of the artwork, and the logo embroidered across the panels. The second set, features a black t-shirt with stencil print and a black terry short, with chenille patches. The third set features in all over logo heart with a matching all over printed shorts. The designs all promote love and the spirit of understanding, whether that’s the Love is the Answer t-shirt, or Uncutt’s unique joggers featuring street art designs and the words “Too many humans, not enough souls”.

“While I knew it would eventually happen, the collaboration was unexpected. The art ended up being spontaneous and completely created from scratch. Ultimately, I hope that people see my art and get inspired to create no matter whether they think they can or not,” Uncutt said. The Uncutt x Tango Hotel collaboration will release on March 24th on NTWRK app and tangohotel.com. 

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