Tango Hotel Launches Collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain and Graffiti Artist, Crash!


Paris, France, January 2022— Today Tango Hotel, a culturally driven clothing brand, announces their collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain and Crash. In celebration of a year of significant art, culture, and sports, Tango Hotel is poised to present this collaboration with the Paris Saint-Germain, and the pioneer of Graffiti art in New York, John “Crash” Matos. The collection is comprised of hoodies, jerseys, shorts and accessories. The collection will launch at the new Paris Saint-Germain store in Paris, France, as well as online at www.tangohotel.com.

Growing up in New York during the 1970’s, there were few ways for local kids to express themselves. Sports were always seen as one of the sure-fire ways to achieve success. Watching and playing sports, Football began to take hold in the states and the heart of Crash. At the same time, the artist prodigy, began his prolific run on the NYC Subway Cars.

“Tango Hotel is a brand that is built by creatives, for creatives, “said Saul Cattan, the Vice President of Tango Hotel. “This collaboration highlights PSG’s position within art, culture and music. While many think of PSG as a football club, we are excited for the opportunity to present them in this new and innovative way.”

“Art has shaped me since I was born,” said Crash. “Graffiti has always been very vocal. It doesn’t have any rules, it’s very open, and very free flowing. It allows to me to tell a story without using words.”

As the years of tagging and bombing the subways ended with the introduction of more security at trainyards and the infamous white elephant trains, Crash was one of the loudest in proclaiming Graffiti had a life beyond trains and street walls. The American-made artist was ready for a new audience beyond New York City commuters and countries like France, Italy, and Germany all sought to bring him over.

With his frequent trips to Europe, the love for the game only grew. “Football is a passion; a ritual of waking in the early mornings to watch matches from Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga,” Crash concluded.

Trips to France meant more opportunity to come into direct contact with the game and a way to connect to locals. In merging Crash’s story and expanding on his Graffiti style narrative, Tango Hotel has teamed up to release a limited collaboration of apparel and accessories.

“Crash is one of the pioneers in American urban art using aerosol and a lover of Paris and its club. He had done us the honor to participate in the creation of a work for the Foundation with Abstrk, another faithful friend of the club, during one of his visits to us and we had already at this time imagined to express his art on other media. As with every collaboration, we try to create something new. I think that this collaboration set to music by Tango Hotel will once again surprise. Art and lifestyle being such important for the club. From Paris to the USA til the world” said Fabien Allègre, Diversification Director for PSG.


“Tango Hotel has given me the opportunity to focus on two things that I loved, art and soccer. Two very different worlds coming together, using my art, is a dream come true. Paris Saint Germaine is more than soccer, its basketball, baseball, its food, its art, its wine, its dance, its music, because Paris is life,” said Crash.

The Paris Saint Germain x Tango Hotel x Crash collaboration will release on January 3rd during the opening of the new PSG store in Paris, 92 avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris. It will release in the US the following week. To watch the official collaboration video, click here.

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