Tango Hotel Launches Collaboration with Graffiti Artist GizNYC

The collaboration will release on March 3 on TangoHotel.com, NTWRK, and select boutiques nationwide.

New York, NY, March 2022— Today Tango Hotel, a culturally driven clothing brand, announces their collaboration with Graffiti artist, David “GizNYC” Zale. In celebration of a year of significant art, culture, and sports, Tango Hotel is poised to present this collaboration celebrating the “Sport of Graffiti.” The collection is comprised of a jacket, hoodie, tees, hat, bandana, and skate deck. The collection will launch at select boutiques nation wide, The Park at Macys Herald Square, as well as online at www.tangohotel.com and NTWRK.

Growing up on the border of Brooklyn & Queens during the 1980’s, there were few ways for local kids to express themselves. With graffiti taking hold, and artwork all along the city, with so many forms and hand styles, GizNYC, was inspired and energized. Following a slight nudge from his cousin, the artist prodigy was born.

“I really chose my true passion, the true sport of graffiti.” said GizNYC. “A real graffiti writer is not doing it for money. He’s not doing it for any other reason than the passion of itself. There’s a lot of negative things that come with being a graffiti writer. It’s dangerous. It’s violent at times. You can get arrested…And you could definitely lose your life if you’re not paying attention and doing certain things. I respect people that do it for the real passion.”

As the years of tagging and bombing the subways became more challenging, with the introduction of more security at train yards, GizNYC took his artistic talents beyond the streets to the gallery. Taking notes and inspiration from Ghost, Sabe, and Rime MSK, GizNYC has stayed true to his graffiti style in his paintings, while incorporating some pop art with cartoons.

Following a successful career working with many luxury and tech labels such as Google, Samsung, and Coach, GizNYC has partnered with Tango Hotel to release this limited edition release.

“Tango Hotel is a label that is built by creatives, for creatives,” said Saul Cattan, the Vice President of Tango Hotel. With each collection, we focus on a different theme and a tell different a story.

“Tango Hotel has given me the opportunity to be open with my ideas about graffiti based clothing. It wasn’t just some artwork. It has real elements of graffiti like throw ups.” said GizNYC. “Focusing on the Sport of Graffiti.”

The Tango Hotel x GizNYC collaboration will release on March 3rd, with a live interview with GizNYC, on the NTWRK App, while showcasing the collection.

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