Tango Hotel Launches Canvas to Reality Collection, Bringing Vibrant Art to Life as Clothing

Tango Hotel, a forward-looking fashion brand, has officially launched Canvas to Reality, a new line merging the worlds of art and fashion and featuring creations from some of the world’s most renowned artists, as well as up-and-coming talents.

New York City, New York September 5, 2019 – Tango Hotel, a bi-coastal men’s fashion label, has officially debuted a new clothing line dubbed Canvas to Reality. True to the parent brand’s dedication to its nothing-to-lose mantra, Canvas to Reality merges the worlds of art and fashion to create a unique fusion – clothing made by creatives, for creatives.

“To me, art and fashion are one and the same,” explained Kevin Leong, the company’s creative director, in reference to the inspiration behind the new collection. “They’re both great forms of expression. We’re excited to share the Canvas to Reality collection with everyone. And what better way to bring art to life than to incorporate these unique masterpieces into your everyday wardrobe?”

The collection includes a broad range of clothing, from hoodies and puffer jackets to windbreakers, t-shirts, beanies, ball caps, casual clothing, sweats, and more. Even boxer briefs feature the incomparable designs of the world’s master artists. Customers can choose from understated pieces that feature a small print reproduction, or they can opt for bright, bold pieces that make a dramatic statement with all overprints.

To date, the Canvas to Reality collection includes art from some of the world’s most renowned artists, including the likes of Keith Haring, Patrick Nagel, and Wassily Kandinsky, as well as founding members of Tango Hotel, such as Al Baseer Holly. In addition, the company constantly seeks new artists capable of telling unique stories through this new medium.

Canvas to Retail’s representatives have traveled the world, visiting manufacturing plants utilizing unique new design technologies and iterations on existing technology, including appliques and new printing techniques in order to identify solutions that help breathe life into art transferred to clothing and ensure a long-lasting statement.  

To learn more about Canvas to Art or the company’s drive to transform dynamic art into stylish clothing, visit https://canvastoreality.com.  

About Canvas to Reality: Canvas to Reality is a groundbreaking new fashion line from the innovative creators of Tango Hotel. The collection brings art to life by combining it with the hottest trends in men’s fashion.

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