Tango Hotel Brand Launch at The Raleigh Hotel with Special Performance by Travis Scott



Lifestyle Loungewear brand, Tango Hotel, hosted its launch party on July 17th, 2016 in collaboration with Agenda Miami at The Raleigh Hotel.

The Brand Ethos
Founded on the mentality of living life on permanent vacation, Tango Hotel embodies boundlessness, evoking a sense of freedom - similar to the feeling one gets from traveling and always being on the move. The brand represents an opportunity - No matter where you are, you are invited to be 100% you. To become of the mindset that you, too, are always on vacation.

The Faces Behind Tango Hotel
Rich Hilfiger (aka Ricky Hil) singer, songwriter, producer and son of iconic Tommy Hilfiger has joined creative forces with two Philadelphia legends and longtime friends.

Al-Baseer Holly, (aka Boo Bonic of Philly’s Most Wanted) rapper-turned-artist and Stevie Williams, professional skateboarder and founder of skate brands DGK & Asphalt Yacht Club. Ezra Jack Cattan, longtime partner of Tommy’s, is Tango’s production and manufacturing powerhouse who has been the secret behind many major brands’ quality garments.

The Inception of the Brand
Conceptualized in the kitchen of Rich and Bonic’s Sunset Plaza home in the Hollywood Hills, Tango Hotel began as a simple black hoodie – a staple garment in every man’s travel bag. Enter Stevie Williams – the force behind numerous successful skate brands. Stevie mentioned the idea of creating underwear as opposed to apparel. It was kind of genius, so they went with it.

Paying homage to Rich’s father, the three named the brand Tango Hotel; Tommy’s initials in the military alphabet, which perfectly aligned with the movement’s vision of living life on permanent vacation.
Built on 3 pillars: art, music, and skate. Tango Hotel maintains the quality of its predecessor with a younger Hilfiger twist, psychology and edginess to it – Thus, the inception of Tango Hotel.

Digital Coverage
HypeBeast exclusively oversaw live coverage of the event on its Snapchat channel, giving its audience a behind-the-scenes look into the Tango Hotel collection and lifestyle.

VIP Attendees
VIP attendees included: Travis Scott, Stevie Williams, Richard Hilfiger, Al Baseer Holly, Trumaine Johnson (LA Rams), Ace Hood, Marcus Gilbert and the Cast of E! WAGS to name a few.

Social Media
Follow the brand: @thetangohotel | @rickyhil | @theartofalbaseer | @steviewilliams

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