Al-Baseer Holly (ABH) Paints a Self Portrait | Canvas to Reality

Self Portrait Collection

Al-Baseer Holly is known for his many expressions of art in music and art. Drawing inspiration from sneaker culture, childhood and his idols, Picasso and Basquiat.

In the new recent collection, part of the Canvas to Reality Series, ABH paints a contemporary piece unlike his previous work. In this artwork he reflects on himself now and during his youth, comparing the traits he still obtains and the ones he’s picked up during the years. He reflects on his times in the music industry and how he transitioned to becoming an abstract painter. In his first ever self portrait, Al-Baseer Holly focuses on his mind and creative thinking. Since an early age ABH has always had an abstract mind with thoughts coming in and out quickly. Always a visionary focusing on more than one thing at a time. He wanted to display this in the Self Portrait piece with the abstract art behind and within the subject. On the painting you can also see, “I wank to the bank on two left foot,” a sentence he wrote as a kid while trying to multitask two ideas. A sentence that represents how he still thinks, creating in his mind always new ideas and works.

Self Portrait by Al Baseer Holly (ABH) | Streetwear Wearable Art | Canvas To Reality Tango Hotel Collection

Self Portrait Collection

The Canvas to Reality series works with the artist who stands for the same ethos of Tango Hotel. Where the artist is free of expression, living their lives, loving what they do and doing what they love. Work is life and life is work.  Canvas to Reality provides artist another medium to express themselves. The art clothing feature and focus on the strokes and story the artist are telling.

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