Abstract Art, Cram, and Tango Hotel | Spring 2020

Cram x Tango Hotel | Streets of New York

Bringing a Canvas to Reality | Collection Released February 13, 2020

Cram joins the latest group of artists to collaborate with Tango Hotel bringing his artwork to a reality. Inspired by the streets of New York City, Cram creates this abstract piece to pay homage to his old stomping ground. First seen as a mural on the Lower East Side, Cram wanted to feature pop colors mixed with bold black lines.

The current collaboration is part of Tango Hotel’s efforts to bring two different worlds of art together. Portraying the world as our gallery, and the appreciation of art can be felt across Galleries to the streets of New York, the world is our medium.

Tango Hotel gives artists a new medium to express themselves and their creative talents. Artists range from pioneers of contemporary art, abstract, and surrealist art to artists of sound and motion.  



Cram x Tango Hotel Wearable Art

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