Tango Goes TARTAN

Our THC Reserve capsule features a take on one of the most famous of all plaid patterns: the Tartan plaid. Tartan Plaid has a rich history.


In 18th Century Scotland, Tartans played the roll of ‘gang colors’, with different dyes and patterns representing various warring clans. In the late 1970’s, the British youth flipped the origins of Tartan on its head by wearing it unconventionally and making it a symbol of the anti-establishment.

 Our take on plaid at Tango Hotel is to give it a modern flair by marrying it to retro-90’s performance bodies. We brought 3 different tartans to front-pocket anoraks, complete with 3M reflective seam seals. We finished off the looks with matching bottoms.

Head to TangoHotel.com and check out the THC Reserve capsule.

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