Super Bowl 2020: The Ultimate Art Show

Meet the artists that have turned Super Bowl into an art show. While everyone is focusing on Kansas City Chief’s Patrick Mahomes victorious comeback win against the San Francisco 49ers we’re focusing on the giant murals of art inspired by football.

Tristan Eaton was hired by the NFL for his vibrant works of art.  The Los Angeles based graffiti artist digitally designed the Super Bowl tickets and programs that were given out at the game. Eaton also spray painted a 9-foot-tall fiberglass model of the Lombardi trophy with bright colors and objects capturing the energy of Miami, the host city.


Tristan Eaton's Art

Dasic Fernandez, the Chilean artist who is known for his large paintings was hired to paint the side of the Citigroup Bank building in downtown Miami. Since the building is mostly windows it was impossible for Fernandez to paint anything. Dasic had to leave behind what he knew best and create a digital mural. First, he painted on a canvas and transferred it to his computer where he worked on it some more. He then printed the artwork on huge vinyl-like panels which was then placed on the side of the building.

Dasic Fernandez Super Bowl 2020 Art Mural

Dasic Fernandez's Art on the Citigroup Bank 

Kelly Graval also known as RISK is most known for spray painting for music videos and other filming locations. He was hired by Michael Jackson’s team to create designs for his videos, gallery shows and exhibitions. For Super Bowl he designed a graffiti like work of art in Bayfront Park with all the colors of each NFL team.


RISK's Super Bowl 2020 Graffiti

Joe Iurato designs using stencils for his graffiti works. Like Banksy, he uses this technique to quickly paint without getting caught. Iurato is one of few to only paint in colors black and white. For Super Bowl, he was hired to create portable cutouts of memorable NFL moments throughout the years. The black and white painted cutouts are displayed near the Miami Beach Convention Center entrance.

Joe Iurato Super Bowl 2020 Art

Joe Iurato's Super Bowl 2020 Art

Kelsey Montague is best known for her graffiti work that urges people to be a part of the art itself. Many stand in front of her art for the ultimate photo moment. She was hired to paint a mural of a two-story bouquet of balloons on a white wall in Miami Beach Convention Center. Each balloon in the mural represented a NFL team, a perfect photo for football fans.

Kelsey Montague Super Bowl 2020 NFL Team Balloons Art

Kelsey Montague's Super Bowl 2020 Balloon Art

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