Super Bowl 2020 Recap: Chiefs Win Against 49ers

Patrick Mahomes, 24 years old, becomes the youngest quarterback to win Super Bowl’s most valuable player as he leads the Kansas City Chiefs to victory.


Chiefs Coach Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes

In the first half, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs start off with a toe-to-toe match. Leading into the second half of the game not looking the greatest, the Chiefs seemed uneasy throwing two interceptions leaving them 10 points behind. Fortunately, Mahomes and the rest of the team “never lost faith” making two touchdowns and catching two interceptions in the fourth quarter with 5 minutes left. Andy Reid, overwhelmed with joy, wins his first Super Bowl championship as head coach stating “When you’re down by a couple scores, you have to jump in it.” An unbelievable comeback for the Kansas City Chiefs.


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