Space Jam Inspires ABH to Paint Z—m Bunny | Canvas to Reality | Tango Hotel Collection

A childhood throwback, a movie we all loved, and characters we grew up with. The Z—m Bunny artwork pays homage to our youthful memories and living with no worries.

The contemporary artwork painted by Al-Baseer Holly (ABH), one of our founders, is inspired by the movie Space Jam and its fun characters and vibrant colors. In this piece of art ABH wanted to reminisce on earlier years but also reference sneaker culture. He brings these two influences together through the pop art Z—m Bunny. The artwork includes retro vibes and the famous bunny to bring us back to simpler times. The “Z—m” wording is a reference to how fast time passes by and to live life to the fullest while cherishing the moments.

Z—m Bunny is part of our Canvas to Reality Series which takes different mediums of art and transforms them into wearable art through comfortable and colorful sweatpants, hoodies, hats, boxer brief, t-shirts and shorts.


The Canvas to Reality series works with the artist who stands for the same ethos of Tango Hotel. Where the artist is free of expression, living their lives, loving what they do and doing what they love. Work is life and life is work.  Canvas to Reality provides artist another medium to express themselves. The art clothing feature and focus on the strokes and story the artist are telling.

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