LA Tattoo Artist Links Up with Tango Hotel Collection

The designers at Tango Hotel have linked with legendary illustrator Mister Cartoon to present a 10-piece capsule. Mister Cartoon’s legacy is sketched in permanent marker on many memorable hip-hop projects, designing logos and artwork for the most respected artists in the game.

Mister Cartoon has been tight with our co-founders Rich Hilfiger and Al-Baseer Holly for years now, handling much their personal tattoo work. The process of receiving a tattoo is a time-consuming, often painful and always personal undertaking, and so during these sessions, Cartoon and the guys have definitely grown close. 

So when Mister Cartoon heard that Rich and ABH were starting a brand together, ideas immediately started flooding his head: “When I heard they were doing a brand Tango Hotel, I thought immediately, ‘I gotta do Tango Motel.’” While he understood that Rich and Al-Baseer’s collection was inspired by the luxurious backdrops you often find on vaca, Cartoon wanted to provide the counterpoint and focus on the grittier side of being away from home: “I’ve been to the top of the world and to the bottom of the ocean…”

Pick up your piece of the Mister Cartoon X Tango Hotel capsule right here. 

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