I Want My Roses Art by ABH | Canvas to Reality Tango Hotel Collection

I Want My Roses Art

I Want My Roses while I can smell them. A metaphor translated to art through founder Al-Baseer Holly’s (ABH) contemporary abstract painting, I Want My Roses.

In this artwork, ABH uses techniques from his two greatest influences, Picasso and Basquiat.  ABH portrays the little time we have on this planet. Painting skull and the wording “zoom” to signify how short and precious life is. The brain within the skull symbolizes the mind and the ability to feel emotions. “I want my roses while I can smell them,” is a literature phrase meaning I want to feel love and appreciate it while I still can. This expression of art brings light to the greatest importance in life, to give and receive love.

Part of Tango Hotel’s Canvas to Reality series, this art piece is made into streetwear fashion for men and women through colorful and comfortable boxer brief underwear, hats, t-shirts, pants, shorts, puffer jackets, sweaters and hoodies.

I Want My Roses Collection by Al Baseer Holly | Canvas to Reality |  Streetwear Wearable Art | Tango Hotel Collection

The Canvas to Reality series works with the artist who stands for the same ethos of Tango Hotel. Where the artist is free of expression, living their lives, loving what they do and doing what they love. Work is life and life is work.  

Canvas to Reality provides artists another medium to express themselves. The art clothing feature and focus on the strokes and story the artist is telling.


Todd Gurley with Neymar JR in Paris sporting I Want My Roses Puffer Jacket

Todd Gurley & Neymar Jr. in Paris 



Tango Hotel I Want My Roses Sweater

I Want My Roses Engineered Knit Sweater





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