Atlanta's Legendary Graffiti Artist Dr Dax

The notable Atlanta graffiti artist Dr. Dax immersed himself in art over three decades ago while riding the MARTA train. On his journey from South Florida to Atlanta his street art obsession struck when he noticed graffiti on the walls, bridges and rooftops. “To come here from South Florida is to be immersed in the urban elements,” he says.

Dr. Dax is also a member of the Dungeon Family and expresses himself in other forms of art such as murals, fine art, sculpture, photography, filmmaking and acting. Realizing his powerful personality, he translates that into his paintings. He states, “There are always positive messages within my work. I usually start by drawing those messages, even in my abstract stuff, then I apply my personal energy into them — bright colors, energetic and fluid movements, almost ballerina-like movements even within the letter structures.”

Dr. Dax always follows his father’s advice of “If you want to be an artist, the best thing you can do is just try to pull from inside and not from outside influence, and come up with techniques and ways of painting that suit you — that come from my heart and soul.”


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