Argentine Illustrator Villy Villian

Born and raised in Argentina, Villy began her love for art during her childhood as a natural way of expressing herself.

Through studying creative works she developed her own distinctive hand drawn illustrations containing immense details. She explains inspiration comes from other elements such as comics, video games, music, movies (especially from the 80s), literature, posters and fashion. During her teenage years she started to freelance her illustrations and quickly grew her clientele and social media following.

Villy hopes that people find her designs much more than just a drawing, something that invites them to think and create a message. Her art creates a visual journey through her intricate details which almost always has a meaning of what’s currently happening in the world. Her words for other artists starting their careers, “Learn from anything that surrounds you, be inspired by absolutely everything, and spend a lot of time practicing. It is very important to find your own path and not compare yourself with others. Believe in the camaraderie between artists and not in competition.”