Mister Cartoon Loner Tee

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We are proud to come together with one of LA's most gifted artists - Mister Cartoon - releasing a limited capsule part of the Canvas to Reality Series.

In capsule collection theme Mister Cartoon released the Loner piece of art to be featured on a white hoodie and white t-shirt. The Loner artwork is in tribute to Mister Cartoons life -

"I've been to the highest end hotels and to the lowest shady motels," said Mister Cartoon.

The Loner Tee features Mister Cartoon Loner artwork. on the front panel.

Learn more about the drop here

  • Limited Edition Re-release of ComplexCon Drop
  • Classic fit tee
  • 100% cotton
  • Mister Cartoon original art
  • Custom font label drawn by Mister Cartoon
  • Tango Motel graphic
  • S-XXL


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