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    Stevie Williams' Picks of the Week

    Stevie Williams Tango Hotel

    Skateboarding has always made the outsiders shine. That’s one of the miracles in riding one. It’s a pastime that lives and breathes to see the underdog rise up. From their inception as a skate crew at LOVE Park in Philadelphia during the mid-’90s, Stevie Williams and The Dirty Ghetto Kids were outsiders amongst outsiders—marginalized from society for being skateboarders—then marginalized by local skaters for simply being dirty kids from the hood. After embracing their outcast status, and repurposing the very name originally intended to dismiss them, the DGK crew all but took over the LOVE Park scene only a couple of years after their formation.

    While the original crewmembers slowly packed up and moved on, the name DGK, and everything it had come to represent was forever etched into Stevie’s heart and carried with him over the course of his early career and sponsors. Since then Stevie entered his newest chapter founding TANGO HOTEL with Richard, and Bonic.