Paint Splatter x Tango Hotel | Drip Art Meets Fashion

Bringing a Canvas to Reality

Part of our Canvas to Reality Series comes Paint Splatter, an abstract painting inspired by the techniques and works of the legendary Jackson Pollock. Paint Splatter isn’t your typical piece of art, it doesn’t include a subject matter instead it forces you to create your own interpretation. It focuses on the mind and its ability to look through the lines and figures to develop a deeper meaning. It’s the beginning of abstract expressionism, an art that shows emotions and ideas through non-representational forms.

The current capsule is part of Tango Hotel’s efforts to bring the worlds of art and fashion together. The Paint Splatter capsule collection features the “drip art” technique through the windbreaker, shorts, and tees. Each style of art apparel can stand on its own, with its advanced workmanship and techniques.

Tango Hotel gives artists a new medium to express themselves and their creative talents. Artists range from pioneers of contemporary art, abstract, and surrealist art to artists of sound and motion.